Are you ready to claim it?

It’s time to rise above stress and struggle
and embrace a happy, purposeful high-vibe life.
The MK Method™ will show you the way.

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The High Vibe
Morning Meditation
5-Day Challenge

Mornings don’t have to be a drag. What if in five days you could say goodbye to mornings filled with rush and anxiety and instead start your day with a cheerful outlook and a smile?

Join the High Vibe Morning Meditation 5-Day Challenge and build a habit that sends sparks of joy rippling through your day!

Stress and struggle are optional.
You can choose to thrive instead.
I'll show you the way.

Retrain your brain,
Change your life!

Does your life feel caught in a cycle of stress, struggle, and dullness? You’re experiencing the same year on repeat.

Your optimism and enthusiasm are offline.
You’re just drained.

No matter how much personal development work you do (and oh, you’ve done it all) you can’t seem to avoid slipping into those negative thought spirals, self-critical stories, and patterns from your past that are keeping you stuck in a stagnant reality with limited possibilities.

Although you’re reluctantly accepting that living a lighthearted, happy life full of potential might be unrealistic, you haven’t given up entirely . . .

There’s still a glimmer of curiosity (even excitement) inside. It’s nudging you to figure out a different way.

Your heart knows you were designed to be happy. (listen to it)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those people who…?

☀️ is known for their positive outlook on life.
☀️ handles life’s challenges with optimism and grace.
☀️ has unshakable belief in their limitless potential.
☀️ indulges their curiosity and explores life’s teachings.
☀️ has an upbeat attitude and radiates joy.

What’s their secret?!

Is there some magic elixir to transform you into human sunshine?! (there kind of is…)

Good news! It’s already inside you — you were designed to process life to achieve happiness and peace. You were made with a growth mindset to embrace your limitlessness. Positivity and resilience are your default settings.

The MK Method™ helps you retrain your brain to respond to life with a positive, expansive mindset and tap into your natural enthusiasm and energy, so you can thrive in a purposeful, high-vibe life.


The MK Method™ is the Human Being Manual 101 —
merging cutting-edge neuroscience with methodologies
that have been around since the creation of humanity.

Hi, I’m Marianne Knox, an Educational Kinesiologist specializing in human development and a Certified Applied Mindfulness Specialist.

I developed the MK Method™ to guide you to a life rooted in happiness and peace.

This process is different from anything you’ve tried before. The MK Method™ is a curated collection of methodologies rooted in educational kinesiology, human development, and Neuromindfulness® that will guide you to connect with your deepest wisdom and discover how you’re designed to emotionally process all that life presents you. Think of it as the Human Being Manual 101.

The MK Method™ is a three-phase process that helps you reconnect with your inner emotional processing center: a powerful intersection where the heart, brain, and body align. This center is where you’re designed to process life experiences, not solely through your brain like most people do.

When you tap into this and respond from your innate wisdom instead of your past patterns, beliefs, and programming, you become emotionally buoyant and naturally default to choosing happiness over suffering.

You claim your birthright: happiness!


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Meet Marianne

Marianne is an Educational Kinesiologist Specializing in Human Development and a Certified Applied Mindfulness Specialist. Her unwavering belief is that happiness is our birthright. She founded the MK Method and NeuroMindfulness® to help a world rooted in fear and survival discover happiness and live a high-vibe life rooted in optimism and joy.

Her expertise comes from decades of research and training. She studied human development with world-renowned educators, and inspired by her personal experience with Thích Nhất Hạnh — a global spiritual leader known as the “Father of Mindfulness” — she earned a Mindfulness certification at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work. Marianne’s practice is in its 17th year.

Originally from Canada, Marianne is currently based in Chicago. She’s a proud mom to three sons and is married to her biggest supporter and cheerleader, Anthony. She’s a passionate knitter and created Mindful Knitz, bringing the benefits of knitting into mental health communities. Every day, she refuels her high-vibe energy through meditation, yoga, awareness, curiosity, and connecting to nature.

I’m excited and honored to be an author in the new book Beyond Coincidence: Visionaries unlock the mysteries of Synchronicities and Success!

Beyond Coincidence immerses us in awe-inspiring, eye-opening real-life stories about synchronicities transforming lives. This book unveils the principles, strategies, and actions to manifest success and expands your understanding of life’s mysteries and the higher forces shaping our existence.

My chapter, Happiness is Your Birthright, follows my twenty-year transformational journey to unlock my son’s limitless potential after his autism diagnosis. Fueled by my unshakable lifelong belief that we can choose happiness over suffering, I follow synchronicities that lead me around the world gathering knowledge to heal and advocate for my son. 

Even amid life’s challenges, we can choose happiness and transform lives. Through sharing my personal journey, my aim is to spark curiosity in others, inspiring them to recognize and interpret synchronicities in their own lives.


from the heart

“Although I believed or painted a picture, underneath I felt chaos and despair. Marianne helped me look at my life in a way I had never looked at it before. She asked questions and dug deep into things I had never even considered. The tools she taught me brought me so much understanding, awareness and overall peace. I left every session with Marianne amazed with the clarity, confidence and tranquility I felt. Marianne’s tailor-fit sessions allowed me to grow emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. And today I am healthier and happier than I have ever been.”

Tracey Postma


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