the MK Method™

Merging Cutting-Edge Neuroscience With Methodologies That Have Been Around Since The Creation Of Humanity
The MK Methodis a curated collection of methodologies rooted in educational kinesiology, human development, and Neuromindfulness® that will guide you to connect with your deepest wisdom and discover how you’re designed to emotionally process all that life presents you. Think of it as the Human Being Manual 101.

With The MK Method you can retrain your brain and release old patterns that are holding you back from living a happy, purposeful, high-vibe life.

The MK Methodis a three-phase process that helps you reconnect with your inner emotional processing center: a powerful intersection where the heart, brain, and body align. This center is where you’re designed to process life experiences, not solely through your brain like most people do.

When you tap into this and respond from your innate wisdom instead of your past patterns, beliefs, and programming, you become emotionally buoyant and naturally default to choosing happiness over suffering.

Here’s how it works:

Phase One is Listening. First, I show you how to tune in to hear your heart speak. Most people don’t even know that their heart has a voice, or they confuse it with thoughts from their mind. But your heart does speak — simple and truthful — directly from your Higher Self.

It grounds you in the present moment, freeing you from the merry-go-round of stress and struggle. Your heart’s wisdom is your inner compass, directing you on a path to your true purpose and optimal wellness.

Phase Two is Aligning. Directed by your inner compass, I guide you to shed old programs and thought patterns stored in your brain that promote a negative mindset and self-limiting beliefs. You’ll release emotional distress from past experiences that is stuck within your body.

Then, you’ll realign, release, and revitalize your brain to synchronize with your inner emotional processing center, allowing you to embrace life from a present-focused perspective rather than being tethered to your past. This creates the conditions for optimal emotional, mental, and physical wellness and paves the way to a life rooted in inner peace and happiness.

Phase Three is Evolving. At this point, you’ve established new, healthy patterns to process experiences and respond to life with more optimism and ease. This is how we’re all designed to live. It’s not an alternative way – it’s our innate way.

Each day, you’ll feel inspired to put on your rose-colored glasses and ride life’s waves with curiosity, resilience, and grace!

Happiness is your birthright. After experiencing The MK Method™, positivity becomes your default setting. You trade in your limited reality for limitless possibility and feel a renewed sense of well-being, high-vibe mindset, and spark for life.

A message from Marianne

You need to hear this from another person: you’re doing the best you can with what you know—there is not one ounce of you that can try any harder.

I’ve spent over 25 years driven to understand the human experience of suffering and happiness. Life will not be perfect, but I know and believe with every fiber of my being that we are all perfectly designed to live a life of healing, transformation, and growth.

As your educator, guide, and cheerleader, my unwavering vision is for you to surrender 100% and align yourself with your coreness outward, awakening you and your life to becoming more than you can imagine right now — for yourself, those within your inner circle, and all humanity.

Together, we’ll uncover what truly sets you apart and gives you individual freedom, connecting you to humanity’s collective life purpose to heal all suffering and live a happy life.

I believe our connection is not a coincidence, but rather a meaningful encounter in the dance of life. I invite you to take away what resonates with that little voice within you.

The MK Method™ isn’t for dabblers — it’s for those ready to become living role models of healing, transformation, and freedom. It’s an immersion into fully knowing and seeing self, so you can uncover all that is holding you back, as we are designed to process all of our life experiences through our deepest inner wisdom.

If I have awakened your curiosity and you’re feeling excited to learn more to discover a newfound belief in yourself, I look forward to connecting with you through my complimentary 30-minute discovery call. During this call, we will explore if and how we are aligned to take the next step on your journey to achieve emotional freedom.

It’s now up to you to decide how you will process what I shared. I know even if I don’t hear from you, I’ve made that little voice within you a bit stronger and shed some light on the depths of your wisdom. As I know, all connections in life have a purpose along our journey.

The MK Method™ was created through my mission in this lifetime to understand the roots of suffering and happiness. Firstly, for my own healing and transformation to achieve emotional freedom. Now, I can share with others how all humanity is meant to process life. I am so honored and humbled to be part of my clients’ full unfolding of their life’s beautiful journey of achieving emotional freedom and the organic rippling effect on world wellness.


Educational and Developmental Kinesiologist Certification – Breakthroughs International

Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Certification – The University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work

Mindfulness in the Classroom Teacher Training – Thích Nhất Hạnh

FDCW Facilitator – The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

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