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The purpose of life is to be happy

That’s why you feel an inner pull, urging you to break free from how you’re currently living. As humans, we’re designed to let go of stress and suffering and respond to life in ways that bring us emotional freedom and happiness.

If you’re not experiencing emotional freedom, it’s because some layers haven’t been healed from your past, or you’re holding onto something generational that’s not aligned with who you want to become — it’s not just about a childhood trauma but realizing something bigger.

When there are unhealthy thought patterns holding you back, it creates a level of survival-based reality. This reality is keeping part of you rooted in the past, causing a disconnect between your life today and how you want to live.

This is why you are still on this merry-go-round of stuckness.

I know you’re frustrated because you’ve done a lot of work already. You’ve dealt with and accepted things from your past, and you are experiencing some improvement. But, with all you’ve done, you still can’t seem to show up for life the way you want to.

This is when we get stuck and stagnate in unhappiness.

Without realizing it, you’re still relying on survival-based patterns stored in your brain to inform how you react to present-time situations, deepening your seemingly endless cycle of stress and suffering.

This is not how you’re meant to live.

If you’re 100% done having remnants of your unhealed past rob you of achieving a future of emotional freedom, then the MK Method™ is what you’ve been searching for. I invite you to dive deeper into self and explore your gray zone to discover what’s still holding you back, so you can be healed, free, and live fully in the present.

Introducing the MK Method™

The MK Method™ is a curated collection of methodologies rooted in human development, educational kinesiology, and mindfulness that will guide you to discover your deepest wisdom, showing you how you’re meant to emotionally process all that life presents you. This is not an alternative way — this is your innate way.

Think of it as the Human Being Manual 101.

You’ll uncover how you’re meant to let go and transform all that is no longer needed from your past and learn to live and respond fully in present time.

This is the gateway to emotional freedom.

First, you need to realize and accept these two truths: We are all wired to process our life experiences the same way — it’s the journey that’s uniquely ours. Life will not be perfect, but we are perfectly made to become the creator of our life.

The heart & body know the truth.

Everything you experience is processed through your senses: you will see, hear, taste, smell, or feel something, then you will have an emotional response to that sensation. Ideally, that emotional response will come from your heart’s intelligence, whose sole purpose is to guide you to emotional freedom. Your heart bases its directive on what is optimal for your emotional wellness in present time, not on your past experiences — it carries no storyline to use as justification.

This healthy response is hardwired into the brain, which creates a positive physical memory response that will be stored within your body. Unfortunately, many people skip the heart in the process because there’s a part of them still living in a survival-based reality that’s not fully healed from past experiences. This reality is all reactive, skipping over the heart’s intelligence and going right to the brain to retrieve familiar patterns, whether it’s a healthy response or not.

When you’re in survival mode, you cannot step into an arena where choice and change are available to you — where your heart’s intelligence resides. You cannot look at what life presents you in present time from a state of newness.

This survival-based reality will continue to reinforce unhealthy feedback loops, causing more physical and emotional distress and keeping you stuck on a merry-go-round of unhappiness and stress. Because you aren’t living fully in present time, but through your past, you can’t reason with yourself to see how to achieve emotional freedom, so it feels like there’s no way out.

You’re not designed to remain stuck in survival-based realities. Your inner wisdom holds the roadmap to uncover all the unhealed layers and recalibrate your inner compass to guide you toward emotional freedom.

It’s time to get curious.

The MK Method™ uncovers the life patiently awaiting you, bringing to action that little voice that won’t allow you to settle for less than you’re meant for.

This work is becoming so curious about yourself and your life that you connect to your deepest intelligence. This intelligence guides you to release and transform past suffering and bring you fully into present time to achieve emotional freedom.

Through a guided self-discovery process, we tap into your heart’s intelligence and body’s deepest wisdom to uncover what’s holding you back. You’ll bypass your mind, which relies on already wired programs, as its job is to keep you in what is known. Instead, your body’s wisdom will guide you to release all of your unhealthy layers in the perfect order and replace them with new, positive programs to maintain stability and achieve emotional freedom.

You’ll discover how to respond to whatever life presents you from this directive.

Achieve emotional freedom.

When you achieve emotional freedom, you’ll process your life and take actions every day that align with your birthright: inner peace and happiness. You’ll no longer feel stuck. Instead, you’ll have the power to intentionally create the future you’re meant for.

You’ll also know how to show up for others in a way that doesn’t reinforce their unhealthy patterns. This healed way of living organically creates a ripple effect throughout humanity, raising all up to a higher level of consciousness and aligning more people to where they’re meant to be in this lifetime.

A message from Marianne

You need to hear this from another person: you’re doing the best you can with what you know—there is not one ounce of you that can try any harder.

I’ve spent over 25 years driven to understand the human experience of suffering and happiness. Life will not be perfect, but I know and believe with every fiber of my being that we are all perfectly designed to live a life of healing, transformation, growth.

As your educator, guide, and cheerleader, my unwavering vision is for you to surrender 100% and align yourself with your coreness outward, awakening you and your life to becoming more than you can imagine right now — for yourself, those within your inner circle, and all humanity.

Together, we’ll uncover what truly sets you apart and gives you individual freedom, connecting you to humanity’s collective life purpose to heal all suffering and live a happy life.

I believe our connection is not a coincidence, but rather a meaningful encounter in the dance of life. I invite you to take away what resonates with that little voice within you.

The MK Method isn’t for dabblers — it’s for those ready to become living role models of healing, transformation, and freedom. It’s an immersion into fully knowing and seeing self, so you can uncover all that is holding you back, as we are designed to process all of our life experiences through our deepest inner wisdom.

If I have awakened your curiosity and you’re feeling excited to learn more to discover a newfound belief in yourself, I look forward to connecting with you through my complimentary 30-minute discovery call. During this call, we will explore if and how we are aligned to take the next step on your journey to achieve emotional freedom.

It’s now up to you to decide how you will process what I shared. I know even if I don’t hear from you, I’ve made that little voice within you a bit stronger and shed some light on the depths of your wisdom. As I know, all connections in life have a purpose along our journey.

The MK Method was created through my mission in this lifetime to understand the roots of suffering and happiness. Firstly, for my own healing and transformation to achieve emotional freedom. Now, I can share with others how all humanity is meant to process life. I am so honored and humbled to be part of my clients’ full unfolding of their life’s beautiful journey of achieving emotional freedom and the organic rippling effect on world wellness.


Educational and Developmental Kinesiologist Certification – Breakthroughs International

Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Certification – The University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work

Mindfulness in the Classroom Teacher Training – Thích Nhất Hạnh

FDCW Facilitator – The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

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