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Marianne's Journey

I credit my father for showing me that happiness is our birthright. Through observing the way he lived, I learned this: every day is a gift to be celebrated and appreciated. You can choose to live a happy life no matter what’s before you.

Even as a child, I could feel a strong pull within me to follow a path of happiness. I was endlessly curious why some people were always suffering and everything had a negative twist to it. Stress and worry seemed to be their go-to, and their happiness seemed like nothing more than a fleeting moment.

I saw the sunnier side of things — it was obvious to me that everyone had a lot to be happy about. Why couldn’t they see that and feel happy?

Little did I know that this observation and curiosity would become my life’s mission: to help a world rooted in fear and survival discover happiness.

The Diagnosis That Changed Everything

The idea of suffering vs happiness took on a new, profound meaning for me when my middle son, Jacob, was diagnosed with Autism. My whole world shook when I was told he might experience unimaginable challenges. The professionals painted a limited view of what my nine-year-old son would accomplish in this lifetime.

I leaned into my strong instinct that no matter what life presents us, we can choose to adopt a positive growth mindset to ride life’s waves with optimism, resilience, and grace.

My resolve strengthened when I read the latest neuroscience research that revealed the brain has limitless potential to change until our final breath. I knew instinctively that Jacob had everything within him to overcome his challenges and thrive — my belief in him was unshakeable. I earned a reputation as a force that couldn’t be dimmed, no matter what!

Equipped with an inborn mindset to not stagnate in a suffering mindset, I began the journey of a lifetime, navigating uncharted paths with an open heart and curious mind. The Universe led me on a worldwide quest to discover how to bring out my son’s highest potential so that he could live his happiest, healthiest life.

Trust The Universe Knows The Way

The Universe first drew me to Educational Kinesiology. I studied human development with world-renowned educators from Europe and Australia. This taught me how our developmental makeup and our environment shape us, our lives, and how we see the world — this is what creates our reality.

The Universe brings forward what’s needed in your life in perfect order. Next, I was drawn to Mindfulness. I participated in a five-day retreat with the Father of Mindfulness, Thích Nhất Hạnh. This deeply moving experience inspired me to receive my Mindfulness certification at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work.

Through this educational journey, I found evidence that happiness is our birthright — the key is inside all of us. Humans are designed to process life experiences through an inner emotional processing center: a powerful intersection where the heart, brain, and body meet to ride life’s waves with optimism, resilience, and grace.

When we tap into this and respond from our innate wisdom (instead of our past programming), we naturally default to living the way I always believed we were meant to — even as a child — choosing happiness over suffering.

I synthesized these studies and experiences to create my own proprietary modality: the MK Method™. I call it the Human Being Manual 101 — merging cutting-edge neuroscience with methodologies that have been around since the creation of humanity. This process is the pathway to a life rooted in happiness and inner peace.

The Impossible is Possible

Most significantly, when I applied the MK Method™ to my son’s life, he began surpassing limitations that many deemed were his destiny — he discovered and became who he is meant to be in this lifetime.

Jacob is now a teacher with a classroom full of beautiful souls! He graduated college, published two poetry books, and wrote two 300-page fiction novels. He’s currently working towards his English degree with a minor in Creative Writing — at age nine, he had limited math skills and only read picture books. The professionals said he would never achieve any of this. Together, my son and I showed all the non-believers you can make the impossible possible.

My Sacred Calling

Little did I know that the information I was learning to support my son could support everyone stuck in a state of suffering and begin to shift the pyramid of humanity. My private practice organically formed and expanded as people wanted to know how I was helping clients free themselves from emotional and physical suffering and experience results that no one else thought achievable.

I’m so grateful that my practice is now in its 17th year.

Through the MK Method™, I support my people to release what’s holding them back and retrain their brain to respond to life with a refreshed, expansive mindset. Positivity becomes their default outlook as their perspective on life and suffering undergoes a transformative shift.

I guide my clients to claim happiness as their birthright, knowing that their happiness ripples throughout the world, impacting others’ lives and contributing to humanity’s well-being.

When you heal yourself, you heal the world. Together in community, we can raise the collective vibration and awareness. Let’s Rise Together!

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