Do you know how to listen to your heart when it speaks? How do you know if the messages are coming from your heart, brain, or gut?

In this free 30-minute experiential session, Marianne will guide you through a meditation where you’ll learn how to hear your heart’s true voice and begin your journey to following its guidance.

In INNER WISDOM 101: HEAR YOUR HEART SPEAK you’ll experience the power of tapping into your true inner wisdom. You get a taste of how we’re all designed to process our experiences and respond from a place of truth and love.

Throughout this meditation, you’ll grasp your heart’s vital role in guiding transformative change, unveiling humanity’s inherent destiny of leading a life deeply rooted in inner peace and happiness. 

Through listening to your heart you connect to your emotional processing system, where all your life experiences, both past and present, are meant to be processed through. You gain deeper insight into yourself and understand the critical nature of communicating with your heart — your natural and intimate guide for transformative change.

The potential of this newfound connection is transformative. Connecting to your heart’s true voice serves as your innate guide to liberating yourself from outdated brain patterns and stored memories in the body that hold you back, keeping you stuck and preventing you from living the life you desire.

As you learn how to follow your heart’s directive, you begin to cultivate healthy brain patterns that naturally guide you to live a harmonious life, uniquely designed for you.

Join Marianne for this free, private meditation and take the first step toward listening to your heart speak.

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