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High Vibe Pathways

Illuminating Your Path To Transformation And Happiness

Are you tired of life being weighed down by chronic overwhelm, stress, and anxiety?

Are you done letting your relentless inner critic convince you that you’re not enough and should settle for the bare minimum?

Are you ready to transform your glass-half-empty mentality into a sunny, positive outlook on life?

High Vibe Pathways is your ticket to the brighter future you’ve been longing for — one rooted in inner peace and happiness.

In this eight-week live online workshop, you’ll learn how to release the habitual patterns and past programming that’s keeping you stuck and struggling. You’ll retrain your brain and transform your mindset to enjoy compassion and optimism as your default settings!

This isn’t like anything you’ve tried before! You’ll experience The MK Method,a curated collection of methodologies rooted in educational kinesiology, human development, and Neuromindfulness® that will guide you to connect with your deepest wisdom and discover how you’re designed to emotionally process all that life presents you. This is your key to unlocking a happy, purposeful, high-vibe life.

The High Vibe Pathways program opens late summer, but when you get on the waitlist, you’ll receive select resources to inspire you, spark your curiosity, and get you set up for your journey today!

Time to polish your rose-colored glasses — your brightest future is coming soon!

Meet Your Guide

Marianne KnoxMarianne supports and empowers individuals to break free from old programming and patterns and helps them retrain their brain to embrace life with a refreshed, light-hearted mindset.

Marianne is an Educational Kinesiologist Specializing in Human Development and Certified Applied Mindfulness Specialist. Her unwavering belief is that happiness is our birthright. She founded the MK Method™ and NeuroMindfulness® to help a world rooted in fear and survival discover happiness and live a high-vibe life rooted in optimism and joy.

Her expertise comes from decades of research and training. She studied human development with world-renowned educators, and inspired by her personal experience with Thích Nhất Hạnh — a global spiritual leader known as the “Father of Mindfulness” — she earned a Mindfulness certification at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work. Marianne’s practice is in its 17th year.

Originally from Canada, Marianne is currently based in Chicago. She’s a proud mom to three sons and is married to her biggest supporter and cheerleader, Anthony. She’s a passionate knitter and created Mindful Knitz, bringing the benefits of knitting into mental health communities. She refuels her high-vibe energy daily with mindfulness meditation, nature walks, and sunset strolls.

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