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Are you craving a high-vibe community to support you in your happiest, most expansive life?

We go deep but stay light.

We rise or sink to the energy level of those closest to us. So, we’ve created The High Vibe Tribe community where we inspire each other spiritually, intellectually, and philosophically in a playful, positive way.

You’re aware that stuff will keep coming up, and you want a community where you can share and celebrate your growth with people who actually get it. When you feel seen and understood, you’re energized to keep reaching for your highest potential.

We hold space and have soul-unpacking conversations so each person can challenge themselves to get deeply curious and find places where they can level up.

We wear our rose-colored glasses with pride!

Eight Ways You Know The High Vibe Tribe Is Your Home

You have

a positive, high-energy attitude and are looking for a community of like-minded souls.

You stay

soft and flexible to handle what’s coming up next for you, but you don’t practice expecting the worst in your life or the world around you.

You’ve done

deep personal work and want to keep that positive, healing energy going!

You take

accountability when you dip into unhealthy emotional states and ask for help to continuously level up.

You recognize

that judging others is a reflection of what still needs to be healed within you.

You accept

your ego will always be a part of you and strive to deepen your observational skills, and keep growing.

You know

that reality is meant to be in flow as you continue to grow and widen your perspectives. You are not afraid to question and get curious if you feel out of alignment in the present.

You’re excited

and fascinated about what’s next on your lifelong journey, and you want a High Vibe Tribe to support you along the way.

When you are a member of the High Vibe Tribe family, this is what changes in your mind and your life:

You maintain a steady positive state of mind because you’re being regularly nourished with uplifting, high-vibe energy. This insulates you against the energy vampires you encounter in your daily life.

You continue your deep personal growth as you’re exposed to new ideas and philosophies that inspire and educate you. The amazing conversations in the community will set your mind and heart on fire.

You enjoy a continuous channel of fun, laughter, and encouragement to tap into at any time — all while supporting you in achieving your happiest, most curious self.

You uncover more and more of your authentic self while building healthier views and responses to the world around you. You never stagnate or feel stuck in life — you’re continually evolving and thriving!

So what kind of amazing discussions do we have in the High Vibe Tribe?

Here’s a sneak peek…

Change your mind, change your life.

Every emotion and action arises from your thoughts — your reality is the result. Your perception shapes you, and it either empowers or limits your life.

Is all that you perceive really true?

Every skillful action makes a better world.

No one lives in a bubble. Everything you do or say activates a chain of events that impacts the world around you. Your reality is a reflection of your actions, and if you want a different result, it’s your responsibility to make more mindful choices.

Which of your current behaviors are holding you back from leveling up and becoming the person you’re meant to be?

Cherish others, independence is a myth.

There is a deep-rooted attitude in today’s society to see ourselves as separate from others. This shows up in how you justify and prioritize the choices you make in every moment. This mental seclusion leads to isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Are you seeing and hearing others in healthy ways that nurture yourself, your inner circle, and all humanity?

If everything is changing, many things are possible.

Tap into your willingness to explore new and unfamiliar territory, venturing deep into yourself to explore your inner strengths and your longings. Uncover parts of your path that you might not be fully acknowledging yet, as you’re still holding a part of yourself back to dim your light around others and society.

What parts of yourself are you dimming so as not to shine too brightly in the world?

High Vibe Tribe Details & Logistics

How it Works:

At each monthly meeting, Marianne leads a lively discussion around a particular topic. Through self-reflection questions around the topic, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore yourself and uncover insightful inner knowledge as you continually level up your personal development work.

The rest of the month, we hang out inside a private online community. We celebrate and support each other while continuing the conversation about the monthly topic. Through deep dialogue and fun chats, you’ll strengthen your newfound wisdom by sharing the impact those insights have as you integrate your new ways of thinking and being into your world.

Our mission is for you to experience more inner peace and happiness in your life. Sharing your growth will not only enrich your life, but also the lives of everyone in the community and the world at large. We never heal alone.


We meet online every first Sunday of the month from 9 – 11am Central.


To support and inspire each other throughout the month in between meetings, we have a private High Vibe Tribe community hosted on the Circle platform.


Inside the community, here’s what you’ll find:
  • Marianne offers wisdom and thoughts to ponder and spark your curiosity
  • Active community engagement where you can celebrate your wins and unpack your challenges as you expand
  • Open community dialogue to encourage and enlighten each other
  • Prompts and conversation to keep the theme of the month going
  • Inspirational resources and recommendations
  • The High Vibe Book Club
  • Shared group activities throughout the month to create connection, even at a distance

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To begin the application process, contact Marianne below.

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