Mindful Knitz Initiative

A community outreach program

Join the Mindful Knitz Initiative

What is the Mindful Knitz Initiative?

The Mindful Knitz Initiative is a community outreach program to introduce the wellness benefits of knitting to our friends in mental health facilities.

Our vision is that people will learn how to knit a cozy scarf for themselves or a loved one and fall in love with the art of knitting and experience its many emotional benefits.

We’re raising funds for this initiative through hosting monthly knitting socials and accepting monetary donations or knitting supplies. The proceeds are used for yarn, needles, and a knitting instructor to teach a Knitting 101 class.

We would love for you to join the Mindful Knitz Club to participate in our knitting socials! If you can’t attend the monthly events but want to be a part of this community, reach out to Marianne, and we can explore other ways you can participate.

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