You’re designed to thrive. It’s time to reclaim your life.

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Are you happy with the way you’re living?​

Or do you feel that inner pull that your life is misaligned and meant to be different?

↳ You crave a vibrant, joyful life full of possibilities,
but your reality feels dull and repetitive.

↳ You wish that you were happy and excited for what each new day brings,
but you’re always stressed and exhausted.

↳ You want to show up with a positive mindset and optimistic outlook,
but your inner critic always rains on your parade.

↳ You long to love yourself and others with an open heart,
but there’s so much negativity in the world — it’s overwhelming.

Happiness is your birthright, and you have everything you need already inside of you to claim it!

The choice is yours: resign yourself to living with stress and struggle or take the next step to create the life you know in your heart that you’re meant for.

Who you are right now can’t imagine who you're truly meant to become.

I’m Marianne Knox, founder of The MK Method,an Educational Kinesiologist Specializing in Human Development, and a Certified Applied Mindfulness Specialist. I’ve studied emotional intelligence from the inside out.

I developed the MK Methodto help you retrain your brain to respond to life with a positive, expansive mindset and tap into your natural enthusiasm and energy, so you can thrive in a purposeful, high-vibe life.

The MK Methodis unlike anything you’ve tried before. It’s a three-phase process that helps you reconnect with your inner emotional processing center: a powerful intersection where the heart, brain, and body align. This center is where you’re designed to process life experiences, not solely through your brain like most people do.

When you tap into this and respond from your innate wisdom instead of your past patterns, beliefs, and programming, you become emotionally buoyant and naturally default to choosing happiness over suffering.

I’m honored to be your personal guide on this journey.

Let’s work together privately to make a happy, purposeful, high-vibe life your reality.

In my private sessions, I guide you to reconnect to your inner emotional processing center — the innate intelligence of the body, heart, and brain — in a quiet, safe, non-judgmental space. You’ll release unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns that are holding you back and create new, healthy patterns and responses. I’ll show you how to align with the way you’re designed to process life.

Private Offerings

Individual Session

Individual sessions are designed to help you understand why you’re stuck feeling drained, stressed, and struggling. You’ll learn about the innate processes and resources within you that can help you achieve the change you crave. With this insight and awareness, you can begin to break the cycle and tap into your natural enthusiasm and energy.

You’ll learn MK Method™ techniques, innate processes, and resources that you can use every day to change the way you look at what life presents you. How you respond is always your choice, and these tools will help you choose happiness over suffering. With practice, this becomes your default setting.

An Individual Session is perfect if you’re ready, willing, and excited to understand yourself at a deeper level and discover the inner workings of how you were designed to process life to experience happiness and peace.

You’ll go away from our session with renewed hope and inspiration about the limitless possibilities available to you.


Three-Month Program

The Three-Month Program allows you the time and support to implement the MK Methodas you heal, learn, grow, and transform the way you show up for your daily life.

I’ll be with you each step of the way to answer questions and offer guidance during those “daily moments” when life gives you the opportunity to change.

We’ll also focus on retraining your brain to release past patterns and programming to create foundational change in one important area of your life. For example, managing stress and anxiety; overcoming a specific challenging situation in your life, job, or family; or changing a behavior that’s holding you back.

You’ll dive deep into your body/heart/brain connection to transform what’s keeping you stuck in this one big area.

This powerful work not only helps you begin to heal yourself, it also has a profound effect on your relationship with others.


One-Year Program

Join me for a year-long journey of profound inner exploration and deep transformation. You’ll master the MK Method™ and experience lasting change in all areas of your life. You’ll evolve into the complete person you’re meant to become and embody a refreshed, empowered perspective on life.

This is for you if you are bold, curious, and 100% ready to understand a new way of perceiving and processing life.

Through our work together, you will surrender yourself fully to heal what’s been keeping you stuck in stress, struggle, and dissatisfaction.

The tools and self-awareness you’ll gain will empower you to break out of old patterns and embrace a happy, healthy, and fulfilled future beyond what you can imagine today.

This year-long program isn’t for dabblers or excuse-makers. It’s for people entirely committed to themselves and the life they are designed to live. Much like you’d have a yearly gym membership for your physical body, it’s crucial to give as much attention to our inner world to live in a wholly optimal state.

I’ll be your ever-present guide and support team along this life-changing journey. You’re not walking this path alone. I’ll see you through the challenging moments as you heal, grow, and transform. Together, we’ll welcome in your future of limitless possibilities.

INVESTMENT: To be determined after individual assessment.


from the heart

“I had no idea my sessions with Marianne would be so powerful! The first one in particular, but each of them has exceeded my expectation in terms of results. I felt a sense of deep peace afterwards each time. Marianne has a presence that allows you to be completely open, honest and vulnerable and allows you to heal at a level I didn’t know existed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


Heidi Farmer


You are so ready to take this journey.

Inner peace and happiness are meant to be the foundation of your life. That’s why that little voice in your head keeps guiding you toward healing and hope. Emotional freedom is your birthright, and deep down you feel that truth.

Right now though, you need to hear this: I know you are so tired of searching for new ways to “fix” your life. You’ve done so much, and you’re doing the best you can with what you know.

If you knew differently, you would be living differently — no one truly wants to feel stagnation, stress, and suffering. You are not designed for that.

Give yourself grace and know that you have everything you need inside of you. All you need is to learn to listen to what your body and heart are telling you. I am honored to show you how.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we’re a match to go on this journey together.

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