What’s the Hold-Up?

 Self-Limiting Beliefs

You know the feeling . . . it shows up in the pit of your stomach, in the tension in your jaw. It’s the mind-numbing frustration you experience when it seems like NOTHING is working. You think you’re doing everything you can to create the life you want, but there’s an invisible wall keeping you from moving forward. 

You’re STUCK, and you don’t know why or how to break free. 

I’ve got good news. There’s a reason you’re stuck, and there’s a way out. Best part — the keys to unlock the future you want are already inside of you.

Let’s talk about it. 


Limiting beliefs are the hold-ups that keep you stuck. 

Most of your frustrations and stressors come from your daily reactive thoughts, actions, and behaviors — your autopilot default. Living out your limiting beliefs stops you from discovering and owning your resourcefulness (and trust me, you’re infinitely resourceful!).

You’re designed to heal, grow, and transform those limiting beliefs. The problem arises when you don’t move past them and stay stuck in outdated patterns from the past. That’s when you feel like you’re being held back from living in the present time and enjoying the life you know you’re meant to have.


Let’s back up. The term “limiting belief” gets thrown around a lot. So, what exactly does it mean? 

A limiting belief is a belief you have about yourself or your circumstance that stops your healing, growth, and evolution. 

Limiting beliefs usually develop during childhood into adolescence through what you felt, heard, saw, or were told to believe. For example, limiting beliefs can stem from that part of you that got you through unhealthy, negative experiences in the past, and it does not want you to revisit and face those experiences again! 

Every experience leaves an emotional imprint on you — negative or positive — that shapes your life. These imprints inform your beliefs about what’s good or bad, possible or impossible.

If you don’t heal and transform the unhealthy, negative imprints, you repeat them and remain trapped on a merry-go-round of suffering and stress in your present-day life.


Is your identity sabotaging your emotional and mental wellness?

Your identity might be your greatest limiting belief! Who you are, how you show up each day, and who people think you are make up your identity. These perceptions are created through your family, culture, relationships, and experiences. These create your individuality, your personality, and your self-image. 

Your identity is not meant to be fixed, permanent, and stagnant. It is meant to evolve as you discover, learn, and grow. 

Unfortunately, our mind defaults back to the same script, and you run on autopilot, strengthening your ego mind. This is you operating only from your brain, where you store beliefs about yourself and compare them to others.


Your identity isn’t your only limiting belief . . .

Another great example of a limiting belief is living in the state of “I want.” This is when you’re wishing and dreaming, stuck in the realm of what is known and cutting yourself off from the infinite possibilities of the unknown.

Your brain is a master at keeping you in your familiar, known world because that is its realm: it’s built on patterns created from your past experiences. The brain is on hyper-alert to download information to you on a millisecond notice about what to do, what to think, and how to react. When you’re stuck in that loop, reacting to the present based on information from the past, it feels impossible to progress — it’s like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day!


Do you feel a bit stuck? Trust that feeling! It’s your sign that you’re ready to break free from those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

This is what I want everyone to know — it’s a gamechanger: 

There is an emotional response system within you designed to process through all life experiences with ease and grace. Its sole purpose is to help you release the imprints and patterns you no longer need to hold onto and transform them into something new that will bring you greater emotional and mental wellness in present time. 

When you process through your experiences instead of staying stuck repeating them, you’re able to move forward and grow. 

This innate processing system is designed to be your default. Instead of repeating the old patterns, it builds on them so you can expand and evolve. Your brain gets updated and rewired, so you can release what’s holding you back from achieving your wishes and dreams.


Listening to messages that come from your heart is the golden key that unlocks this innate processing system.

When you can tap into your heart along with your brain (instead of relying exclusively on your brain), you’ll stop reacting to life from old programming.

Your heart responds differently. It exists in the present time, where there is limitless possibility for transformation and evolution.

Your innate emotional processing system lies at the intersection of your heart, brain, and body, where all three work together.

When you learn how to tap into this system, you’ll intuitively know how to respond to life experiences in the healthiest way for the present, and you stop viewing the world through the lens of your past. 

In this realm, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities, transformation, and evolution. You see and experience the life in front of you with compassion and clarity.


When you’re done being held back from your past and ready to embrace your limitless future, I can help you access your innate processing system and show you how to experience life the way you are designed to. 

How do you know when you’re 100% ready to step out of the status quo and into the life you’re meant to be living? 

  • You’re DONE with the merry-go-round of stress and struggle and curious to become aware of where and why you’re stuck.
  • You’re EXCITED to step into some unchartered inner territories. 
  • You’re WILLING to see and stop persistent patterns, programs, and fixed realities that are holding you back. 
  • You’re BRAVE enough to face a deeper truth from within and go a little deeper for more truthful clarity. 

If you’re ready, then I am here to guide you into a curious, visionary, adventurous mindset.


It doesn’t feel heavy when you’re in the flow…

When you stop fighting against that part of you that you are not meant to hold onto any longer, you can finally experience ease. 

You’ll be in flow with your life, aligned with the healing, learning, and growing journey you are meant to take. 

I can tell you from experience, it feels so right to be there! 

  • You feel like you’ve finally come home to your truer self. 
  • You feel more heard and seen than ever before. 
  • You feel like the curious, visionary, and adventurous being you are.

You won’t want to go back to your misaligned status quo. 

This next step is important: I want you to take a moment and acknowledge how far you have already come with what you know. Only when you are ready to see and know differently can you do differently.

Still with me? Yes! Now it’s action time! 

You’re ready to question who you are, what you’re doing, and how you’re affecting others and why.

You’re committed to achieving who you want to become and live the life that makes you happy. 

It is all in you to make it happen because you are meant to be doing this!

Join me and I’ll guide you on the most adventurous, life-changing ride of your life. Here’s the link to book a complimentary discovery call with me to learn more https://marianneknox.com/book-discovery-call/

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