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Marianne Knox, Educational Kinesiologist, Human Development Specialist, NeuroMindfulness® Facilitator, and Founder of the MK Method™ and NeuroMindfulness®, offers Workshops and Consultations for educators on how to develop and nurture emotional intelligence in children from daycare through high school. Understand and learn how to support the Whole Child’s emotional, mental, and physical development, so they thrive in their learning environments.

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Children are life's greatest gifts — it’s our responsibility to support their emotional development to give them the best chance to reach their academic potential and thrive as an adult in an uncertain world.

A challenge or hiccup in a child’s emotional world, directly affects their ability to learn. 

When educators understand the whole child from the inside out — their emotional, mental, and physical development — they recognize that the child’s actions represent their current developmental stage. They can also see where the child might be emotionally stuck, which can cause rippling challenges in their day-to-day life. With this knowledge, educators can respond in a way that helps the child work through their emotional state in the present, so they are able to develop healthier responses in the future.  

For example, when a child is rigid, unsettled, and struggling to learn, something within their emotional or physical development is stuck, causing them to feel unsafe internally. They are living in fight, flight, or freeze mode. In this case, I would give the educator a developmental program that helps the child process through their stuck emotional state. With this, the child integrates healthier future responses. 

This work empowers educators and caregivers with the tools to help children process through any developmental hiccups that will hold them back from thriving emotionally and academically as they grow. Educators will also learn what they can do within their classroom to support all children to be emotionally ready to learn to their greatest potential. 

Developmental Workshop for Daycares

Did you know the role you play in a child’s first three years of life is critical to how they will show up and process their world for the rest of their life?

Workshop Overview:

The first three years are the most critical developmental time in a person’s life. This is the period when a child builds their emotional and physical foundation.

In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn about the importance of key developmental milestones, how they shape a child’s growth, and the interconnectedness to their emotional, mental, and physical states. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore them yourself through a playful interactive framework.

This workshop teaches how the child’s outer world is a reflection of their developmental milestones. You’ll gain the knowledge and tools that will support them to thrive emotionally and academically.

You will also go away realizing and appreciating how instrumental you are to the well-being and success of our future generation.

This in-person workshop is designed for educators and caregivers in daycares and preschools.

The Conscious Classroom: Confident, Calm, & Curious Kids

Imagine a classroom of students who are emotionally and mentally ready to learn and have strategies to support themselves when they’re feeling emotional distress or struggling with new material. It’s possible!

Program Overview:

The Conscious Classroom blends human development, neuroscience, and mindfulness into education. Weaving these cornerstones into your classroom will fire and wire new neural connections that support children’s emotional and academic success. This opens the door for all children to show up emotionally ready to learn so they can excel.

When children are hypervigilant in their external world, living through their survival brain, they can’t focus and be present to reach their highest potential. This program offers educators the knowledge and tools to understand where the child is emotionally struggling, so they can meet them where they are to fully support the Whole Child in their learning journey. They also learn ways to encourage their entire classroom to show up emotionally ready to realize their greatest academic potential.

Understanding the development and neuroscience behind a child’s actions and challenges can recharge a teacher’s own energy, passion, and commitment to our future generation. This program brings students, teachers, administrators, and parents together to awaken the limitless potential within each student.

Educators have a powerful influence on children at every level, which is why it’s critical to build mindful, emotionally intelligent classrooms that not only support the Whole Child, but also empower the teachers with knowledge and confidence to achieve their highest potential in their life’s work.

This consulting program is available to administrators and educators in kindergarten through high school.

Meet the Instructor

Message from Marianne Knox

When my middle son was diagnosed with Autism, my entire world changed. I began my worldwide quest to discover how to bring out my son’s highest potential, so he could live his happiest, healthiest life.

The methods and materials that I teach in my workshops are the results of decades of research and education that gave me newfound hope, understanding, and clarity to help my son overcome his challenges and achieve milestones that medical professionals deemed impossible. (Check my About Page for the full story.)

I began this journey with one thought that I was curious about and began to ask: why does my son move his body differently than his peers? I intuitively knew it was a link to something deeper. I discovered the answer to that question and many more through my studies in educational and developmental kinesiology.

As a result of my educational journey, I grew a professional practice. People wanted to understand why my son was achieving what professionals felt was academically impossible.

In addition to helping my son, one of my proudest achievements has been educating my local community on the importance of tummy time for children’s lifelong success. I brought much of this knowledge into the mainstream by offering workshops with world-renowned teachers and myself. This information had such an impact on the community that our local children’s treatment center paid for a billboard in a high-traffic area encouraging tummy time.

I’m a strong advocate that it is our responsibility to the future generation to question systems and beliefs to see if they are holding us back and never accept or surrender to a society where most children are struggling emotionally. Humans are not designed to live in a state of suffering.

Today we are witnessing childhood challenges continually increase in numbers. These children are showing us something that needs to be looked at, and until we do, they will continue to wake us up the only way they know how: through their actions.

What more will it take for you to pause and begin your questioning as well?

Here are a few of my teachers

whose works will change your mindset on human beings and your life

Breakthroughs International

Educational and Developmental Kinesiologist Certification

Svetlana Masgutova, Ph.D.

The Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute under BI

Harald Blomberg, Ph.D.

The Rhythmic Movement Method under BI

Carol Ann Erickson, Teacher/ Educator

Movement Exploration Series under BI

The University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work

Mindfulness Specialist Certification

Thích Nhất Hạnh

Mindfulness in the Classroom Teacher Training

The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

FDCW Facilitator

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