Hey fear, here I come!”

Going with the universal flow means accepting all the fabrics that make up your beautiful, messy, crazy, unique amazing life with heart and curiosity. Life is meant to be filled with uncertainties, change, lessons, opportunities, and gifts so you can achieve what you are meant to in this lifetime: evolving into a newer, healthier, more peaceful, happier version of you.

…if we’re meant to embrace all the messiness, why does it feel so scary and overwhelming?!

It’s because your body’s first responder for life is safety; everything living has a safety responder to face life’s adversities. 

The emotion behind safety is fear, our most basic human emotion. It’s like your mama bear — it loves you so much it will do whatever it can to keep you safe and alive in this lifetime, developing many strategies to keep you safe from pre-birth to your dying breath.

…has there been a time in your life when you wanted to take a step forward but there was a pull to hold back that was so strong and you didn’t know why?

That’s fear holding you back. 

It will always be on hyper alert ready to jump into action to keep you away from any perceived danger. It will hold you hostage and become your chauffeur for life, unknowingly in soft subtle ways. It will keep you in sameness, the familiar, keeping you believing your reality in the now is the “right way,” because so far in your life it has kept you alive from all unforeseeable danger. 

Even though fear brings out the survival warrior in you through many masks, it’s really that soft inner little person within you that wants to feel safe and loved. It’s doing what it believes is best for you. It will always feel unsettled about the future because it is the unknown.

…in looking back at your life do you remember a situation that you wanted to respond differently and you knew you were holding yourself back?

You have past patterns around safety programmed in your mind that are no longer serving you — these make up your fear seed. They are the key contributor to keeping you stuck on the stress and struggle merry-go-round. When you live according to these programs, you are going against your flow toward healing, growing, and evolution, because in this state you aren’t open and curious to look at your life through the lenses of anew.

…do you feel like you are going to battle some days?

If you are stuck in a lot of fear undercurrents you’ll feel exhausted by change and uncertainty because you are embodying that warrior who goes against flow and curiosity, holding on to what you know at all costs.

…why do stress and struggle feel like the norm in the world we are living in?

Another huge contributor to keeping your fear seed watered is that society has normalized “acceptable” daily levels of stress and struggle. The world’s mindset continues to shift toward quicker, faster experiences/results/information. This gives fear the perfect arena to dig in deeper as we have less time to pause and choose to process present-day experiences in a newer, healthier way.

…have you ever stopped to wonder why uncertainty makes us so uncomfortable?

We’re meant to evolve our safety trigger as we become older and learn more control over our lives through the opportunities that are presented to us by our daily life experiences. These experiences are meant for us to pause softly in compassion when some old safety/fear triggers appear. In this pause, we can see all that’s meant for us on the other side of uncertainty and change. Stepping into the arena of uncertainty is how we make that happen.

…do you feel like you have no control and too much overwhelm, but deep down you have this longing desire to feel more empowered, peaceful, and happy?

Loss of control and overwhelm happen when you go against the flow of humanity’s true destiny — evolution. You are meant to evolve throughout your life, not hunker down in outdated programs and thoughts. You are meant to bring out your heart’s warrior, who embraces your curiosity about your unique, beautiful, messy, crazy life. You’re meant to gently face old fear and bring yourself into a newer sense of safety. 

Your heart’s warrior is guided by your innate wisdom. It has foundational inner tools for you to discover that you are designed to bring your life into balance, so you achieve greater inner peace and happiness — this is your birthright!

…what if you looked at fear through the lens of love, as a natural part of life?

Your fears are based in love to keep you safe. Fear will continue to hold vigilance, unfortunately in many ways through outdated patterns. When you recognize this, you can take back control by letting fear know that you are “safe now” in your present world. Flow, uncertainty, and change are necessary for you to grow and evolve. When you deeply understand and embrace this, your fear seed and its many masks begin to surrender into anew.

This isn’t something that you “fix.” It’s about realizing and accepting that you will be constantly processing your fears, attempting to sort out what is a true fear in present time to one that might be lingering from the past programming. It’s about stepping into the arena to evaluate your worries, stresses, and negative mindset about a situation or person. It’s about coming to a place of pause in the middle of stress and struggle to see anew by remaining open and curious because you are “safe” in the now.

Always know that fear often shows up when something rocks your present-day reality. It will make things seem bigger than they are and will try to get you to avoid anything new through the mindset of worry and uneasiness. However, when you listen to your heart’s wisdom on how to proceed, you allow your fear to surrender and soften a little bit more each time. When you face and move through outdated safety triggers, you align with the path of growth and evolution.

…how many times have your fears been bigger than they needed to be and things usually worked out fine?

Know you are designed at your deepest level to continue to make your world a little bigger and continually be in flow, always open to embrace something new. Stay the course and embrace an evolving newer and newer version of you, understanding at a deep level this beautiful world is made up with an abundance of opportunities to begin releasing old fears that are no longer needed in present time, keeping you from living the life you are meant to in the now.

One final and important note: always keep in mind that you are not singular on this planet — you also need to hold humanity in the same light. Knowing most of us will have to make bold changes in our lives, rebuilding many times over before we discover what freedom of fear really means and looks like. Realizing just because some of your fears are about the world you live in and are more easily seen does not give you permission to keep watering your fear seed. 

Under everything we see, there is a collective of scared inner little people fighting for their version of safety from the reality they have been exposed to. No matter how valid your cause might be, it’s about your evolution with fear, so you can choose not to continue to contribute to the fear and suffering into the world. You can organically do your part so violence and pain will not continue to increase globally.

…trust the power of the rippling effect.

This is about cultivating a life that lives through your inner wisdom, becoming a heart warrior, trusting there is an intuitive wisdom within that will always keep you safe, so you don’t need to live through old fears. Accepting that your life will not be perfect but you are perfectly designed to live your most peaceful, happiest life through the lens of curiosity and newness.

…are you ready to say “Hey fear, here I come!”

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear, after that fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.  YOU ARE FREE.”  ~  Jim Morrison

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